“December into isolation lasting throughout the era

"December 7, 1941 was the opening battle of the Second World War for the United States of America.

But Pearl Harbor also marked the closing of one historical period and the opening of another.America finally ended its self-imposed isolation from world affairs on that day, and for the next 50 years was to be deeply involved in the global struggle against fascism and then against communism." W.G. Hyland explains that the massacre at Pearl Harbor put an end to American isolationism and began the era of international awareness.Until this point the United States did not want to involve itself in World War II which had been going on in Europe.Americans had many different views toward the war, which resulted in the inactivity of Americans until the massacre at Pearl Harbor.The U.

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S. was forced to engage in World War II at this time because innocent Americans had been killed and they could no longer set back and let disastrous actions take place.The U.S. was very hesitant to join in worldwide destruction because of past problems and present issues.

After 1918 came a feeling, amounting almost to a national neurosis, that the United States had been tricked into the First World War.The sentiment was carefully nourished by a revisionist campaign."The country retreated into isolation lasting throughout the era of the Long Armistice from 1918 to 1939". During the years form 1929 to 1941 the U.

S. was suffering from the Great Depression.Americans were worried about surviving the depression rather than helping foreign countries with their problems.The economy was in a severe decline; harsh living conditions and economic shortages were punishing the public.First and foremost Americans wanted to rise out of the depression and live in peace and prosperity.

European conflicts did not register in the minds of Americans and therefore isolationism was the prevalent view of the American public. The Europea…

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