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1. The main players of the War between the Roses Henry VI became King of England at the young age of one, succeeding his father Henry V. He was incapable of following in his mighty predecessor’s footsteps.Fractions in the court dominated him all his life. Margaret was the daughter of the powerful French noble Rene of Anjou,was married to Henry VI to strengthen ties with France.

She was beautiful, fiery, blunt, and was a loyal friend as well as a dangerous enemy. Her blatant favoritism caused much resentment in England, and set sparks which would later flare up into the Wars of the Roses. Somerset escalated the clash between the two families enormously. He was the bastard grandson of John of Gaunt and one of the King’s closest relations, who handled a great amount of power. He supported King Henry VI and the Queen during the King’s breakdown. William de la Pole was a magnate of moderate power who came to exercise much control in the Lancastrian circle. Richard Plantagenet was a man of many titles and lands who was filled with a passion to raise his family to what he saw as their proper due.

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He was also the father of Edward IV and Richard III. His relationship with King Henry was amiable atfirst and his claim to the throne was considered strong enough for him to become heir to Henry VI. Salisbury staunchly stood by York at all times, even when York later endangered both of them with his arrogance.His devotion was paid back by death. Richard, the Earl of Warwick, was the most powerful noble ever seen in England.

Richard was York’s nephew and a firm defender of that party, continuing to fight alongside his cousin Edward after York’s death.He eventually was the person who placed Edward on the throne. Edward IV, Earl of March, was handsome and skilled.He fought by his father’s side during the early years of the Wars of the Roses.

When his father was killed at Wakefield, he became leader of the Yorkist cause. In…

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