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The encyclopaedia documents certain historical events.The purpose of this documentation is to have a more dispassionate and less jingoistic view of historical events.The hope is that these unbiased views will show people what really happened in the past.This is not what is always achieved.Some times the views can be distorted and the historical accuracy is lost.

That is why it is important to evaluate the accuracy of these documents.By doing this, we ensure that there is a clear understanding amongst people of what happened in the past.In our assignment, I believe version one shows greatest accuracy and least bias in its account for the war of 1812. Initially, version one is written differently than version two.In version one, the article is broken into four different sections.These are: background, campaigns of 1812-13, campaigns of 1814, peace treaty and the battle of New Orleans.In version two, there is no reference to pre-war, war, and post-war documentation.By not having specific chapters to the war, you do not grasp the progression the war took.

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For these reasons, I believe version one of the war of 1812 was more organized.I was able to get a better understanding of the sequential events that occurred in the war of 1812 by this organization.I was lost in the text with version two. It is important to establish the feeling of the times before the war occurred.

The general census at the time was simple: 1) The Americans believed they were not receiving the respect that they deserved from the British after the Revolutions war. 2) The Americans believed the British were unwilling to sign commercial agreements favourable to the United States 3) The Americans felt the British were backing Amerindians to settle on American territory. 4)Along with that, Americans were caught in between the French and English in a European war.The Napoleonic war caused two blockades.

The British tried to chan…

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