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September 11, 2001 terrorists’ attacks on American did trigger United States and United Kingdom to invade Afghanistan in search of prime terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, the master mind of terrorists who is responsible for the terrorist activities across the world. Osama Bin Laden belongs to Al-Qaeda terrorist organization that has it basis in Afghanistan, allied to Taliban regime that provides them with a haven to propagate their terrorism activities. Hence, United States armed forces in conjunction with United Kingdom armed forces launched a massive operation to oust Taliban regime and flush out Al-Qaeda organization from Afghanistan, as a way of overcoming terrorism. Currently, United States troops have been in Afghanistan for more than a decade and have made significant fight against Al-Qaeda terrorists.

Therefore, the United States need to pull out its troops from Afghanistan because the cost of retaining them is unsustainable, Al-Qaeda organization is no longer a threat, and that Afghanistan requires independence to fight terrorism. The United States have incurred significant cost in terms of both lives and resources in combating Al-Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan. Statistics shows that about 1500 troops have died, and more than 1500 troops have suffered serious injurious in the course of fighting Al-Qaeda. Loss of soldiers due to death and incapacitation is a significant loss that United States should no longer suffer after a decade of war in Afghanistan.

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Moreover, the cost of retaining troops in Afghanistan is about $120 billion a year. The cost of retaining troops in Afghanistan is not sustainable because it contributes considerably to the federal deficit that is approaching $15 trillion. Hence, United States troops should pull out from Afghanistan to alleviate increasing federal deficit that may cripple economy.

In the past decade, United States and its allies have made significant progress in fighting against terrorism. During the onset of Afghanistan war, the United States managed to oust Taliban regime, which provided a haven for Al-Qaeda organization to thrive and propagate its terrorism activities against United States and its allies across the world. Additionally, United States troops have managed to flush out Al-Qaeda terrorists from their hideouts, thus weakening their influence. Remarkable fight against Al-Qaeda culminated when United States troops killed Osama Bin Laden, the mastermind of Al-Qaeda organization, in 2011. Therefore, since Al-Qaeda organization is no longer strong in Afghanistan, United States should pull out its troops. Since the United States troops have liberated Afghanistan citizens from the oppressive regime of Taliban and overcome Al-Qaeda terrorists, they should provide independence and support to Afghanistan government to combat terrorism. Lack of independence in fighting terrorism is a challenge that has made Afghanistan government be unable to fight terrorism. Currently, Afghanistan government has appreciable development in areas such as economy, health, education, transport, politics and security.

Hence, pull out of United States troops will empower Afghanistan to become independent in fighting terrorism. Conclusively, United States troops have stayed in Afghanistan for over a decade and have made a significant contribution in the fight against terrorism. For the past decade, Americans have endured high cost of retaining troops in Afghanistan because it increases federal deficit. Given that the United States troops have ousted Taliban regime, overcome Al-Qaeda, and killed its leader, Osama Bin Laden, they have achieved their mission, and thus they should pull out of Afghanistan. Moreover, Afghanistan government is currently strong enough to combat terrorism.

Thus, United States should pull out its troops because of high cost of retaining troops, achievement of the mission, and stability Afghanistan government.


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