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Throughout this course, there were many eras as well as events that were dissected and examined, resulting in great findings about the history of the world.One specific theme that seemed to be recurrent in many events and time periods is that of war and violence.This was seen through the effects of WWI, Adolf Hitler's reign over Germany, and the use of the atomic bomb by the U.S. against Japan.

It may be observed then, that change was brought about as a result of war and violence, but in both positive and negative ways. When looking at WWI, it was falsely perceived that this would be a short war, giving the countries involved grief instead of victory by the end.One negative aspect as a result of the war is that there was financial debt throughout Europe due to warfare needs, which in turn, caused them to borrow money.While the countries were wasting away their money, as well as the borrowed money, on firearms and war provisions to prove they were the better country, in the long run, they were putting themselves in financial debt that would take years to pay off.There were some positive outcomes as a result of the war, one being the change in women's roles.During the war, women were forced to come in and take over the roles of the men while they were off fighting.

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When the war ended and the men returned, women were seen as more equal because it was recognized that they were able to sustain everyday life without the men.This included taking over their jobs, as well as helping out with nursing in the war, and maintaining the war industry.Finally, one change that was important and resulted from the war, had both a positive and negative effect, this being the shift of the West's wealth from Europe, to the U.S and Asia.After the war, the countries involved were preoccupied with repairing their countries, so the U.S.

and some countries in Asia saw this as an opportunity to benefit their own countries econ…

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