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I want you take everything you know about forensic science; finger printing, DNA, blood splatter analysis, criminal profiling etc. and throw it out the window. Now, I want you to attempt to catch a killing machine fluent in German, Latin, French, and English.

A psychopath that is driven by his deranged mind, hate for women, inablity to perform sexually and overall lack of a conscince who is killing alchaholic prostitutes in the East End, the worst neighbor hood in London .Your name isScotland Yard inspector, John Grieve, and the man your looking for is named Walter Richard Sickert, The World knows him by the name Jack the Ripper and you lacking the scientific possibilities that we are fortunate enough to have now, know him by that name too. He has sent you and other police officials like you countless letters and notes but without any physical leads the investigation is sunk. Jack the Ripper was the one of the most violent serial killers in history. The fact that he was never caught would tarnish the reputation of London police for decades. and to him it was a great laugh and something that he would not let them forget as long as he was still killing.

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It is generally accepted by those who study him that he kill at least five women, however it could have been more like twenty five, there is no way to know when he stopped killing or if he ever did. The five that he certianly killed were Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Mary Kelly and Emily Dimmock. When they were murdered in the fall of 1888 they would have been known as unfortunates, so poor that they sold their body for every drink, and put those drinks before all else, before the rent, before food and always before cleanliness. The victims were old, generally in their thirties and forties. Most had the life of the streets written across their faces, and other body parts, dirty fingernails, old stinking clothes and inside their bodies they were plagued byvene…

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