The manifested by author when he argues

The overall argument in the film waiting for superman is about public education in America. This film views education system in America as horrible since it focuses on how Unions can not let districts fire teachers who under perform. Futher, the film manifests how inner city schools are horrific and the way teachers are reluctant on the matter. This argument is evidenced by the parents in the movie who wanted and forced charter schools to accept their students badly.

Further, the argument on the fact that union regulation makes it too hard to fire teachers is illustrated in Illinois, where one doctor in every 57 looses his medical licence, and one lawyer in every 97 looses his law licence, because of union rules. Pathos refers to an appeal based on emortion.One of the pathos well illustrated in this film is on the expected emotional response. This is exemplified by the bright hardworking students who are holding their breaths as they wait for the lottery results, afterwards they are dejected and sorrowful upon loosing the slim chances that may guarantee them to go to better schools. Really, it’s hard to lose in a system which is beyond your control. Moreover, pathos is elaborated by the public school teachers in rubber rooms who are being paid full salary as they wait for their unprofessional conduct to be investigated. From the analysis of this film, appeal based on the character of the speaker has been manifested in the author’s belief about teaching and education. This is well explained by the characterization of the class.

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Infact the average class size is 14 students and the performance of the class is poor .This was contrary to the educational reform research findings. It is also believed that a class of 14 should get more individualized attention from a math instructor. From the standpoint and analysis of the film, are the author beliefs that high teacher’s salary has lead to laxity amongst teachers. This is evidenced by the largest share of teacher’s salary in every district.

The Guggenheims logic is the key manifestation of the concept logos.This is through the logic that the poor educational system is failing the students. This is manifested by author when he argues that the lowest SES classes in America have a dull future to success as opposed to charter and private schools.

From the analysis of this video film, several fallacies are eminent, in a nutshell; a fallacy is a mistake in reasoning. The AFT (the teachers union) is portrayed as the major cause as the major cause of students failure and major impediment to change and progress public schools. This is evidenced in the documentary since every time a representative is speaking a low pitched horror music is heard from background. The fallacy of false cause is evident in the documentary, this fallacy occurs when someone’s misattributes the cause of a scenario, an event or a trend. In this film, the filmmakers were for the opinion that student in charter schools are successful because of their teachers; with specific claim that teachers in charter schools are not organized in unions.

Thus, they can not sit back on their laurels as with the case of public schools. Despite the contributions made by the filmmakers to the American educational systems, critics have arisen with different understanding. The work of Guggenheims has been criticized by public school teachers on the grounds that the problem was not the unions but instead the policy makers.

This is evidenced by a teachers who verbatim quotes that the problem is caused by policy makers who are politicians, ideologist who have at no time gone to teach a class. Critics have argued that though the filmmaker took his children to private and charter schools, they were not straight A students, infact were defeated by serious students who were in public schools. In conclusion, upon assessing this film and comparing it with the American educational systems, the authors arguments are supported by organization of American public schools which are characterized by laxity and un mindful teachers.However,unions are not the central cause of the problem in Americas educational systems but instead policy makers.


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