Blaise that God exists, so he can

Blaise Pascal argues that there is a mathematical possibility that God exists.His argument is know as Pascal's Wager, and he states that believing in God is sensible and rational even though there is no evidence or objective certainty to believe it.Simply put, he argues that you have more to gain from believing in God than you have to lose.According to Pascal there are essential benefits in believing in his existence.

Yet the existence of God has been a question of controversy ever since people developed the capability of thought.Elliott Sober gives rise to several strong objections against Pascal's argument, which should also be taken into consideration when regarding an argument for the existence of a God. This paper will argue for Pascal's reason why you should believe that God exists.

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Pascal propositions for theism is what Sober calls a prudential reason.That is it is in your own self-interest that you believe in God, though there is no evidence to support that there is a God, because of the bad things that can happen to you if you do not believe.Pascal asks you only consider that there is the slightest possibility that God exists, so he can give you prudential reason for theism.People have to essential make a gamble when it comes to the belief in God.You can think of it along these lines.

Even thought the probability that there is a God can be small but ends up being true, think of all the good things that you can gain from it; love, happiness, eternal life in heaven and so on.The amount of things that you can gain is a whole deal greater than the cost to you, such as going to church and praying regularly.If you do not believe in God, you may not have to go to c! hurch but you will not get to enjoy the priceless and infinite rewards that God offers.

Sober makes two objections to Pascal's Wager.First Sober brings forth the decision theory and states that belief is n..


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