Penny their attitude towards colonialism by providing

Penny M. Von Eschen did an excellent job arguing her thesis that people of color across the globe must join together to fight for freedom to demand human rights.Von Eschen's central argument through out the whole book is the African Americans and people of color are linked together internationally through struggles.More power lies on 400 million blacks than 22 million African Americans.Money makes the world go around is a phrase many people have said in song lyrics, but the truth lies in those very lines.Von Eschen lets the readers of her book discover this.

The constant search for new enterprise leads to one group of people being oppressed.This book covers the struggles of African Americans and people of color working together to pave the way for my generation. In chapter one Von Eschen does her job as a writer and historian by revealing the contributetations of African American journalist, intellectuals, and political leaders.

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She shows various examples of how each of the three categories bought their share of hard work and dedication to the fight.Journalist kept the connection between African Americans and people of color in contact with what was going on through out the globe.Journalist helped give the people of color their attitude towards colonialism by providing three readers with information on the war and the treatment of other colored people through out the globe.

Journalist also played a role in the political leader's life.They let the public be allowed to here the voices of people such as Du Boise and Marcus Garvey from their own homes and neighborhoods.These political leaders announced their next move or their next idea and the journalist carried the supporters or soon to be supporters. Media was the back bone to the Pan African movement. Von Eschen reveals vital information about the political leader Marcus Garvey and his Universal Negro Movement on page 10.


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