Voltaire able to evolve his own theory.

Voltaire is a prime example of a philosopher during the Enlightenment period.Voltaire like many others was looking to learn new things, to discuss new ideas, and to understand more about life and about human nature.I consider Voltaire to be very similar to college students.He was looking for some meaning in life.

Looking to learn and share his ideas with the world.For Voltaire though, searching for new ideas and investigating new thoughts wasn't as easy as it is today.Voltaire found that it was difficult to both share new ideas and find new information because of the tight wrath of the church. You can tell from Voltaire's writings that he is frustrated and angry.He lived in a time where people weren't really given the opportunity to have other beliefs other than those beliefs of the church.Yet he knew that there was more out there. John Locke and Issac Newton were a great influence on Voltaire, they taught him their theories and learned studies.

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From their teachings Voltaire was able to evolve his own theory. He believed that people should believe only their ideas received from the senses. I think that Voltaire's ideas were brilliant.

His thoughts on Christians were perhaps the most interesting to me.He says that Christians consider themselves tolerant people, but then uses the word tolerance in the same sentence as hate, violence, tortures, and murders.This deems to be very effective, at least to me.I think here he shows us that people aren't always what they say they are or at least what they think they are.I think that a Christian reading this exert back when it was written would have to stop and really think about it.I think that people would realize Voltaire has stumbled upon something of great significance.

At the very least his writings were and still are something worth putting time into reading. …

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