Candide Candide experiences a life of happiness,

Candide is a story of a worthy man's life during the Enlightenment period in which Voltaire tries to produce a mad, evil world.In this world, Candide struggles to survive, yet some how comes to terms with the way life ultimately is.In the book, life is somewhat expressed as a tornado of obstacles that one must overcome in order find happiness.Under much anxiety and struggle, Candide is forced to overcome this tornado even if it is just a little bit. Growing up in Westphalia Castle, Candide was tutored by philosopher, Dr. Pangloss, yet one day Candide is found kissing the Baron's daughter, Cunegonde.After the turmoil at Westphalia, Candide finds himself truly devastated and is found on an adventure in the hope of finding his true love to find that utter happiness that he has lost.

During his journey, misfortunes seem to appear a lot.One has to do with the Bulgarian army during training.Under strict self-guidance, Candide believes there is a cause and effect for every little objective he encounters.Along in Candide's adventure, he is reunited with Cunegonde.For once Candide experiences a life of happiness, yet all is taken away.

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As years go by, Candide adventures on until he finds Cunegonde again, but she is fat and ugly.Under exceptions of Candide, he seems to realize what can he do since his wealth is gone, and so is his love for the Baron's daughter. However damaging life may be, Candide once realizes that he has to accept situations.In Candide's struggle for happiness, one may see how exceptions of situations may be hurt one in the long run.

Candide's life was full of struggles, and he found that it was unacceptable if he just took life as it was.That is shrugging off his personal responsibility.Voltaire's conditions under satire fall only to the people who allow such to be victims. Under achieving Candide, found that utopia.

Under this utopia of tornados, Volta…

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