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The Beetle wasfirst introduced in 1934.Today the original shape is still being produced in Brazil and Mexico.To this day the Beetle is the largest production car ever, with over 22 million on the road today.

When the Beetle wasfirst introduced it was considered to be odd-looking, with little potential for worldwide distribution.Despite the Volkswagen Beetle’s looks it became very popular and took its place in history.Much of the Beetle’s attraction was because of its vintage form, apparent human personality, character and charm.In the nineties these all have been contributing factors. Even after so many years the Beetle has not changed its image dramatically since thefirst one was produced.The main detail of the Beetle that sticks out is its shape.The Beetle is recognizable everywhere.The Beetle on the outside was well designed, but underneath the hood there was always room for improvement.

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There is always top quality Beetles that can be found.This is because when people bought them, they took extreme good care.They could do this due to the fact that parts are readily available.They can be found at swap meets, workshops or suppliers, which are located throughout the country.The parts are also inexpensive.Also the fact that Beetles were easy to work on because they do not have a complicated computer system.The Volkswagen Beetle also makes sense financially.

The Beetle is more likely to hold its value better than a newer vehicle. Volkswagen was continually changing its specifications towards the Beetle.Since Volkswagen decided no to add any extra such as fuel gauges for example, there was a huge opportunity for after market parts.When you put these together its possible to build a vintage Beetle using parts only.It is possible to make the car as unique as possible.Many people have their own reasons for restoring and buying Beetles.

But underneath it all, the m…

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