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During the 1871-1929 time period Chicago was a town in which both criminal and social workers operated.For various reasons both of these groups found a way to operate in the same city.

Sometimes because they wanted to co-exist in the same place and sometimes A large amount of Chicago's famous social work dealt with the rising immigrant population.These immigrants came to Chicago from other lands looking for a better life. However, it would be naive to think all of the immigrants were willing to attain power and wealth legally.These immigrants would become both legit and corrupt politicians as well as some of Chicago's most notorious gangsters.Fred Lundin, an immigrant from Sweden, was behind the election of W.H. Thompson as mayor of Chicago.

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Lundin did not follow the traditional American route to success.He did not scrape and claw his way to the top; important friends pushed him up the ranks.Despite this, Lundin bought himself a seat in the House of Representatives, which led to a scandal.The end result of this scandal was that in 1911 Lundin was kicked out of the House and an Amendment to the Constitution was written calling for the direct election of senators.

Crime as well as criminals simply emerged from the immigrant population.Since the immigrant population was loyal to its own kind and never really complained about corruption, social workers did not bother with hard crime such as shakedowns and racketeering.They were more concerned with the moral crime of not helping those who One cannot say because of this corrupt politician and other criminals like Al Capone that all immigrants were corrupt.However, the immigrants were loyal to their own kind. All the groups of immigrants lived in their own community separate from the other immigrants.There were not too many attempts made to bring the people from various lands together either.

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