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These profiles are defined ahead of certification, based on spectrum availability in different countries and on market demand and vendor interest. Vendor interest is clearly a prerequisite for interoperability, as a minimum of three vendors are needed to get the interoperability testing under way. (Paolini, 2005) Summary and Conclusion The WiMAX technology continues to evolve with the WiMAX Forum’s approval of the Release-1 mobile WiMAX system performance profiles based on the 802.

16e-2005 amendment.With OFDMA, mobile WiMAX can meet the stringent requirements necessary for the delivery of broadband services in a challenging mobile environment. Performance simulations show that mobile WiMAX provides superior throughput and spectral efficiency compared to planned 3G CDMA-based enhancements, EVDO and HSPA. These advantages will provide operators with added network capacity for the support of value-added services with fewer base stations than alternative approaches thus resulting in lower network capital and operating costs.As the release of certified WiMAX hardware approaches, it is important to understand the security challenges presented by current standards as well as those to come in the future. Designing a network with a wireless segment is not an easy task and should be approached only after carefully weighing all the facts.

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