History efforts to secure nationalism, and it is

History notes many valiant actions performed by prominent figures displaying patriotic attitudes towards their countries.Many find it necessary to reject oppression, which appears to greatly hamper the progress of their nation, and will fight for their beliefs, even to the death.One who loves his country, our common patriot, focuses solely upon the principles of strict nationalism and will stand up strongly for their ideals.

Nationalism includes any and all who hold strong devotion to national interests, unity, and independence.The preservation of one's religion, culture, and ethnicity may better define this principle.As nationalism creates strong unity within a nation, it also takes credit for causing many of the current world conflicts seen today between nations, particularly in Europe and the Middle East.

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How then may a patriot be virtuous?In many cases these people tend to display extremely radical ideals in their efforts to secure nationalism, and it is these people, often leaders of nations, who stand close-minded to any form of compromise.So many positive factors compliment patriotism while many harmful ones emerge as well when one becomes senseless and radical in their ways.Today, nationalism exemplifies a once virtuous quality now being greatly abused in the wrong ways.Without doubt, this abuse has helped lead to the current conflicts directing the world, as a whole, toward an unknown future.Even in the times of William Wallace in Europe, and America's founding fathers, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, one sees nationalism always prevail to the extent that it, in fact, causes the fame they honorably hold today.

Over nearly two hundred years ago, George Washington became cherished and well known for his valiant loyalty to his country above anything else.As patriotism fuels many heroes and radicals alike, it certainly serves as a catalyst in almost every war history has ever kno…

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