Virginia Raw materials and natural resources such

Virginia Colony was founded in 1607, in
Jamestown. It was the first settlement of the British in North America. It was
founded by The London company, and founded Virginia during the reign of King
James I (1566-1625). Jamestown was chosen to conquer because of their bad defence
since it was surrounded by the water on three sides.  Jamestown was founded with a purpose to gain
wealth. Tobacco played an enormous role in Virginia Colony. The triangular
trade was an important factor for economic growth in Virginia Colony. But to
what extend did the triangular trade made Virginia Colony rich. To proof that
the triangular trade was an important factor for economic growth and find out
to what extend the triangular trade made Virginia Colony rich. Three arguments
will be stated and explained into depth to proof the thesis and answer the
research question.


The trade between three regions across the
Atlantic Ocean.

To be able to answer the research question
it is firstly important to understand what the Triangular Trade was. The triangular
trade is a historical term which is referring to trading across the Atlantic Ocean
between three regions. It was from England to Africa, from Africa to the
Americas and from the Americas back to England again. The Triangular trade can
be divided into three different categories. Raw materials and natural resources
such as sugar and tobacco. Which was found in the 13 colonies including
Virginia Colony. This refers to the era of colonialism which was from
1500-1800. Secondly manufactured products from England such as guns and
clothing. Thirdly the slaves which come from West Africa exported to the
Americas. The salves mainly worked in the plantations. Such as in Virginia
Colony on the tobacco plantations. The journey went as followed: The ships travelled
from all different regions of Europe, carrying manufactured goods which
transported to the ports along the African coast to trade for slaves. Then from
Africa, the ships crossed the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas to trade the
slaves for raw materials. The final stage, the ships from America sailed again
across the Atlantic Ocean towards England with raw materials such as rice,
sugar, clothing and tobacco. This information about the triangular trade helps
gaining knowledge about what role the Triangular Trade had. By knowing what the
Triangular Trade was it helps proving the thesis. It clarifies what importance
it had, not only in Virginia Colony. A quote which explains what is going on in
the minds of the slaves which were traded in the Americas:

“I didn’t know I was a slave until I found
out I couldn’t do the things I wanted.” (Ref.8)


The gigantic effect tobacco can have on an

Tobacco changed the way of life in
Virginia. Before tobacco, Virginia consisted of small farms and communities. Because
of the introduction of tobacco in 1612, Virginia Colony became a colony with
large farms and huge plantations. Because the growing of tobacco went well,
lots of farmers who used to farm other goods concluded to farm tobacco as well.
This was because they started to realize that tobacco maybe would become the
future of Virginia. This was all thought as an easy thing. But what was not considered
is that growing tobacco is intensive. It namely relies on slaves. The slave
market was not prepared for this, there were not enough slaves, the traders
didn’t expect something like this to happen. The traders received more demand for
slaves than were available. This caused a crisis in the slave market. Settlers
came to Virginia Colony for the economic opportunities.  The demand of tobacco raised and raised and
therefore became the main export of Virginia Colony. Eventually the whole
colony relied on the mass production of tobacco. Without it, it wasn’t able to


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