Violence males and females. People should have

Violence has extended beyond homes and relationships. This act of aggression takes place in homes, marriages, within races, cultures and between males and females. People should have authority to engage and work towards avoiding it. This would help people who are in such situation to speak up and avoid it.

Did you know that there is a women getting beaten every 9 seconds and 85% of domestic violence victims are women (Do .In 2010 Researchers have found that 1 in 3 womens in the united states have experienced rape, physical assault and stalking by their partners.There is no excuse for Domestic violence. Survivors of the abuse have informed that they were scared and ashamed to tell someone that they are getting abused.

Researchers set up a telephone survey with 12,000 people in 2011 it was estimated 31.5 % of women experienced physical abuse by an partner. An estimated 22.3% of women experienced at least one act of severe physical violence by a spouse during their lifetimes, being hit or slammed against objects was experienced by an estimated 15.4% of women, and being hit with a fist or something hard was experienced by 13.2% of women. All of the women who have been through this situation have things in common they were scared for their lives, felt worthless and ashamed. (The National Domestic violence Hotline)

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Penalties for felonies differ in different states and in some states you don’t actually have to have an actual physical contact even threatening actions that cause a person to feel afraid of impending violence. Punishment is approximately one to twenty-five years in prison, depending on specific state or guidelines.In some states, assault or battery against a special victim like a police officer or elderly person carries more severe penalties or is subject to sentence enhancement. Taking a stand against Domestic Violence is a service that people against domestic violence stand with victims. It’s to bring attention to people that there are countless people out there that their lives are being taken and the society doesn’t have any people who are going through such things. After seeking and receiving help, 95% of survivors are more knowledgeable about planning for their safety and more hopeful about the future.DHS is a governmental service of help in seeking legal remedies such as orders of protection and court advocacy,children’s services and outreaches and how they are very helpful.

Womens is a U.S department that takes action to stop violence against women and girls and do this through model programs, policy work, and communications. Some of their work focuses on examining how violence affects women with disabilities, engaging men as partners in prevention of violence, and enhancing colleges and universities to include domestic violence and sexual assault issues. Over the past five years, Project Connect has trained nearly 11,000 health care providers in specific interventions to assess for and respond to domestic and sexual violence in their clinical settings. The initiative has helped establish partnerships between public health programs and domestic and sexual violence advocates to effectively identify and refer victims of abuse. (Women’s

There are five types of domestic violence emotional,verbally, technologically, sexually, and physical. Sometimes abusers have disorders, Antisocial Personality Disorder,Borderline Personality Disorder,Narcissistic Personality Disorder. There are also seven kinds of Domestic Violence they are Domestic Abuse, Wife battering, Family Violence, Intimate Partner Violence, Spouse Violence,Dating Violence and Relationship Violence.

Wife Battering is a violence sexual or physical abuse toward a wife or a partner also by inducing pain and fear. Since women have fear of telling that they been beaten but family physicians are able to identify the behavioral symptoms or pattern and are mostly involved to protect the victim from further injuries.Intimate Partner Violence or also called IPV is physical, sexual or mental abuse to current spouse or partner,this violence doesn’t require sexual intimacy.To avoid IPV is to stop before it began and teaching young people skills of dating. Family Violence is one of the biggest violences it could be indirect like children witnessing an assault done by their parents to each other, this could make the children mentally and physically traumatized, this type of violence can be prevented by coordinating resources, fostering and separation of individuals.Relationship violence is almost like IPV, this includes physical and sexual assault and abusive problem, this a pattern of power and control by one intimate against the other. And spouse and dating violence would fall under that. Children Domestic violence indirect as in witnessing a violence by their parents can cause them the have short and long effects, short terms be nightmares, sleeplessness, increasing aggression and long term effects would be physical health problems, emotional and behavior difficulties, poor school performance. State law overview of Domestic Violence let’s take NC, laws in NC to domestic violence includes restraining orders, divorce, custody….

The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence had responded to Domestic Violence Fatality Reports in 2015 as much as 65 women’s and 45 men were involved in this report. The age range that got killed were as young as 18 years and as old as 95 years. The offenders used firearms to kill half of the victims. They said “We counted the killings based on self protection from domestic violence but the killings among relationships, intimate partners, ex- partners and family members were included. Also they said they excluded unsolved cases and no arrests have been made even though intimate partners or family members are mistrusted and child abuse and neglect are reported by the pennsylvania human resources.” ( The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence (PCADV)

In conclusion based on this research Domestic Violence is a big title in people among communities, society, families, relationships and it could happen to anyone no matter age, race, gender, ethnicity or religion and it could happen anywhere at homes, workplaces, senior homes etc… The governments and authorities should take a big step to overcome or help people who are in this situation , get involved with community services ,volunteering, school counseling, support groups , giving donations and anyone could make a change and that change starts with you.


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