In the greatest achievement by Canada since confederation.

In the past 100 years 25 major events in history have helped shape Canada into the fine country it is now. The battle of Vimy Ridge stands out among them. People from non-Canadian countries went to this battle as French, British, and others came back from the war Canadian heroes. Vimy Ridge is just one of 25 major events in the past 100 years. On August, 1914 the recruitment began with a monumental force of 650, 000 men. All the men had reasons for joining some honorable others not like evading the law or fleeing their wives. This Canadian Expeditionary Force and Canada Corps has been the greatest achievement by Canada since confederation.

Then the key event occurred on Easter Monday, 1917 Canadian Corps launched a perfectly planned assault on the Germans. The Germans were positioned on the top of Vimy Ridge had fortified the line so effectively that it held back 4 earlier attempts to take the ridge. This time the Canadians had proper training and artillery to make this fifth and final attempt their finest work ever. The battle techniques were developed by a McGill University and engineering professor and lieutenant colonel Andy McNaughton.

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They mapped out and destroyed German gun positions in the days before the assault. The early morning attack had 19, 200 men in eight brigades The Germans front line was either killed or unhinged by thefirst wave of attacks. That left an impregnable area for the Canadians to effectively take over the position. Sadly, 10, 602 Canadians died protecting our freedom. These people were brave and unrelenting for our freedom; these are our true Canadian heroes.

The battle of Vimy Ridge is argued to be the event that led to Canada being a successful nation. After November 11, 1918 Canada was viewed as a more serious manner than ever before. Although Vimy Ridge never led to any allied breakthrough this was still a very important event in history.

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