Village goods are focused to engage customer

Village Volvo1.

Describe Village Volvo’s service packageImplicit Service:Setting aside specific time each week when clients may drive in for quick routine services such as tune-ups and oil changeExplicit Service:To provide custom car service which includes estimating cost and time of repair and notifying the customer when the vehicle is ready to pick up.Supporting Facility:A new butler building that has four work bays in addition to an office, waiting area, and storage room.Facilitating Goods:Television set, comfortable chairs, coffee, a soft drink vending machine, magazine and local news paperInformation:Customer care vehicle dossierMechanics interaction with the client and discussion on the vehicle.2.

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How are the distinctive characteristics of the firm illustrated by village volvo?Simultaneity:Here the customer interaction on the service and repair is happening simultaneously.Perishability:Service itself is a perishable quality, firm understands the customer contact hour and plans accordingly, additionally they identify opportunities of service which need attention in future and records the same, highlighting it to the customer.Intangibility:Service itself is intangible, here it is repair service. The experience of the owners is to be considered as reputation for the company.HeterogeneityVaries according to each customer and the required service.Customer participation:Interaction between the mechanic and the client is focusedFacilitating goods are focused to engage customer in the waiting time3. Characterize village volvo in regard to the nature of service act, the relationship with customers, customization and judgement, nature of demand and supply and method of service deliveryVolvo village provides quality repair service on out of warranty volvos with reasonable cost.

The provide customizing service and keeps the customers informed through interaction and ccvd.The demand is mostly on routine basis for oil replacement and tune ups and the supply is organized for repair works by encouraging customers to fix appointments in prior.They add variance in having scheduled quick drop in time.4. How could village volvo manage its back office like a factory?They could maintain job cards for the mechanics to provide the sercives, they could align the mechanics based on their area of expertise.

They could maintain ware house or have inventory management system to maintain the parts to be replaced.5. How could village volvo differentiate from volvo dealers?Volvo village provides custom care services that is not available at any local dealer.It also provides quick routine services.The owners have to execute their value add of offering minicourse to clients on vehicle maintenance.It could provide vehicle pick up and drop facilities to the customers


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