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The Vikings were a people the seemed to have appeared from nowhere to the people of Europe during the middle ages. The people of Europe feared these new people and believed them to be a dangerous threat to their way of life. However, with their new technology for the time, they're religious views and their military tactics the Vikings were as dangerous to the European civilization as they are often portrayed. The Viking settled in Iceland, the land of ice and fire. They believed the gods to inhabit the earth that the gods chose for them, they owned the land with the gods created them. In order not to disrupt the gods and to maintain their trust they committed different acts of honor and respect.

Sacrifices were offered, people were slain, new lands were settled and slaves were taken. The Vikings believed that the more they did to please the gods the likelier it was to get to Valhalla after their earthly life, where they would fight the whole day and rejoice, drinking ale all night long. Valhalla was inhabited by the ?sir. O?inn the highest of all ?sir, ?ór the god of thunder, Tyr the god of war, Freyja the goddess of love, Freyr the god of fertility, Valkyrjas and Einherjar.

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Each Viking’s highest goal was to inhabit Valhalla with the gods. These religious beliefs accompanied with their all around mental toughness gave the Vikings a huge advantage over any foe they were to encounter. The Vikings lived a tough life in the north therefore to them the toughness of the battlefield was nothing new to them. So the cold and harsh weather no matter the circumstances did not affect them as it did many of their enemies, which is a huge advantage as one, can see. This along with the fact they had no real fear of dieing for to die in battle was considered a huge honor. These things left the Viking one step up on any foe for they would fight in ways and use strategies most wouldn;t and that in it could turn the battle in their.


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