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The Vikings are depicted as horrible people who terrorized villages, and took what they wanted. The invasions and the history behind the vikes are all nearly true, but there is more beyond that. Near the end of the eight century began the 300 year (AD 800-1100)'Viking Age' .

They raided Britain, Norway, Denmark and many more. Around the 13th century the Vikings began to fade out as Christianity came. The vikes believed thatearth was made up of space called "Ginnung" (Martell,36) They also believed that people were on a journey in the afterlife and buried them with food, drinks and their possessions in ships. In their religion there were no temples or priests, but many gods.

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Among them, Odin, the god of the warriors and battle, but also the god of wisdom and poetry. Thor, the god of thunder. Finally there was Frey, the god of fertility, marriage and growing things. Around the year 1000, the Vikings became Christians and restricted the urges to raid. The viking conversion to Christianity was often for trade and politics.

If the vikes were able to conduct peaceful relations with other countries, they would have a better chance at building bases by which they could trade their goods. (Jones and Pennick, 1995: 137) The Vikings lived wherever they took over. In 870, Iceland was discovered by Ingolf, who was on a trip. It took seven days from Norway to get to Iceland.

Scientist know that the vikes traveled to many places: Of 85,000 Arabic coins, 80,000 were found in Sweden. After raids were done, the vikes asked for a large payment to leave. (Margeson 1994). Warships were used to raid towns, and to travel. The Vikings had excellent building skills. They were all long and slender. Even thought the ships had a mast and a sail, they could still be rowed.

All ships carried from 24-50 oars. The longest Viking ship ever found was 92 ft long. When ships were used as transportation, families went too. Wom…

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