Despite to aide his troops from his Christmas

Despite Lack of morale among Troops and Poor Supplies, Brilliant Washingto defeats British On the morning of December 26the General Washington lead the American fources to another unlikely victory.Weeks before General Lee was captued by Lt.

Col. Harcourt and could not come to the aid of Washington, thus this weakened our fources even more.Another blow was the retreat of General Greene. The New Jersey Militia also showed up in miniscule numbers, and deserttion was common The British troops along with the Hessianshad been chasing the American fources from New Brunswick, to Princeton, untill the pushed them back into Pennslyvania.The British troops were spread out and not feeling any threat of the Amrican fources, besides a few rapscalius New Jersey Milita Men who annoyed them enough to give Washingto a hand.The foursight of Washinton lead him to have all the boats along the Deleware collected as to stop any mode of further progress by Howe.

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This worked and Howe decied not to persue Washinton any further. Washington took this time to recuperate and plan. The timing could not have been more perfect had God planned it himself.Just after nightfall Washinton had his troops ferried across to the New Jersey side while Col.

Fitzgerald transported 2400 men, 18 cannons and their hourses just south of Bristol and one south of Trenton.This was to capture any fleeing Hessian Troops, who had been placed there previously.The Weather was bone chilling cold. Due to this two men had reportedly froze to death, but Washington marched the on. As luck would hve it the same stoem caused Major Dechow to cancel his dawn patrole.

The Drunken Corl. Rall was slow to aide his troops from his Christmas reveling.All the Hessians were slowed by the jollies of the past night and the sober Ameican militia caught them off guard.In the pandamonium the three Hessian regiments were seperated and left exposed.Wi.


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