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What were the causes of the Indochina War started? Methods: I have used most Internet resources because of the lack of books in the library at school. It was much easier to find exactly what a wanted on the Internet because of the specified subject a chose. I also used the encyclopaedia there I found very good fact and it was easy top understand.Relevant sources on the Internet were the homepages, "thehistotynet", a very broad homepage and seemed very reliable. The "historychannel", a homepage that is connected to the channel on television, a very good and absolute reliable resource. A private homepage called the historyplace, looked very serious and had some interesting points.

I will use the encyclopaedia as the primary resource and historyplace as secondary.  French had had colonies in Vietnam for many years – not a whole country.  French ruled the country for many years – wanted independence.  The communistic organisation Viet Minh came back to the country after the Second World War – hope for the people – French got pressed had to do something.  Conference in Geneva – divided Vietnam into two parts, angry Vietnamese people.  Strong communistic leader in Vietnam – West world did not like.

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 Many countries involved in the conflicts like French, China, Japan and USA.  China grew stronger and communism – helped Vietnam.  USA helped French – now USA was involved in the war.  Conference in Geneva (1954) – Vietnam got a leader in South (Bao Dai) and one in North (Ho Chi Minh).

 Viet Minh guerrillas killed American soldiers. Evaluation of sources: I choose the Encyclopaedia and a private homepage called historyplace on the Internet. The Encyclopaedia I think has done a proper investigation.

The Vietnam War is not that old and there are many people still alive that c…

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