The conducted. Between 1964 and 1969 roughly 150,000

The American involvement in the Vietnam War was a waste of lives and money. In addition, it accomplished nothing for the American public as well as nothing for southern Vietnam. The United States involvement in the Vietnamese civil war was pointless. It created civil unrest among Americans and it cost an enormous price in many young lives and countless resources. The Vietnam War had originally started because of a long-standing conflict between France and Vietnam.

After being defeated, France was forced to leave Vietnam after 100 years of colonial rule. A force of Nationalists under the direction of General Vo Nguyen Giap attacked French troops. (Karnow pg. 238). This battle made the French realize that they could not maintain their indochinese colonies any longer. France then signed the Geneva Peace Accords. (Johnson pg. 754).

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The Geneva Peace Accords were intended reunify North and South Vietnam. The United States did not agree with these terms, as they were worried that communism would spread. This was known as the "Domino Effect." (Encyclopedia Americana). In 1955, with the help of massive amounts of American military, political, and economic aid, the Government of the Republic of Vietnam (GVN or South Vietnam) was born. (Lipsman pg.

512). In 1961, under president Kennedy, the United States signed an economic and military aid treaty with South Vietnam. President Kennedy felt that the Untied states aid in the Vietnam War would prove to be useful, despite what some of his advisors said. His advisors felt that the war would prove to accomplish nothing. With this treaty, signed American advisors and military machinery were sent to assist South Vietnam.

The Kennedy administrations had managed to run the war from the United States without introducing American combat troops, just military advisors. (Karnow pg. 258).

In 1963, secret bombing of Laos was conducted. Between 1964 and 1969 roughly 150,000 tons of bombs…

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