The Impact of the Vietnam War on the

The Impact of the Vietnam War on the People of America The Vietnam War was one of the most tragic wars in American history. The affects it had on the American people were tremendous. Even today many Americans have the frightening, unforgettable memories of the war. The war was accounted to be over in 1973, but Americans still suffer the aftershocks of a national trauma that has left the nation bitterly divided and estranged from its ideals.

Although the painful memories will be eased, they will never be fully healed. Today I will have the pleasure of interviewing a close friend of the family. He has been a friend of the family for about fifteen years and I've personally known him for about ten of those years.

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Off course his identity will be kept confidential. I will be asking him many questions on his views and opinions of the Vietnam war. I will also be asking him questions about life at home during this painful time in American society. The aftershock left from the war and how life went on after this horrible experience. During the 1960's my subject was a young eighteen year old with a bright future ahead of him. He was growing up in a small town just north of Corpus Christi Texas.

Life at home was comfortable in his words. His family wasn't poor or wealthy. But some how they always managed to get what they needed or asked for. From the very beginning he was worried about the war. Being a young teenager he was still confused about all the drama surrounding the war. Reason for protesting and why or why not to enter the war was all confusing. Why they were fighting in this war was also another question he wondered.

All that he knew was that he should volunteer for the war because that was the right thing to do. When he would talk to his mom and dad about volunteering for the war his family was fine with his decision to try to volunteer for the war. So he and his best friend would make a little trip up no…

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