Indochina is made up of

Indochina is made up of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.It was colonized by the French in thelate 1800’s and given up in 1939.

Japan tookover France;s loss after that.After Japan;sdefeat in 1945, Vietnam;s patriot and communist, Ho Chi Minh and his Viet Minh declaredVietnam independent.After that, France came to claim their loss.The US supported Francefearing the “Domino Theory” would take affect after in 1949 China fell to communism.In1950, the US sent troops to South Korea to prevent the dominos from falling.

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TheVietnamese took fort Dien Bien Phoo in May of 1954, so then the French finally pulled out. That set up 2 nations North Vietnam and South Vietnam split at the 17th parallel. Ho Chi Minh was in the North and was a Communist Ngo Dinh Diem was in South and disliked communism.

He argued that if there was an election to choose a leader of 1 unified nation, that HoIn 1956, Diem closed all elections, and appointed local officials.That gave him less ofsupport.Also he didn;t win the support of the peasants, that was a major mistake… inthe south Vietminh members who were located in South Vietnam formed their own communistparty.

Diem called them the Viet Cong meaning Vietnamese Communists.North Vietnamsupported the rebellion in the early parts.In 1959 the Vietminh set up a supply route toSouth Vietnam through Laos and Cambodia.They were then named the Ho Chi Minh trail.Alsoin 1959, thefirst American advisors were killed during a battle.

By 1960 the Vietcong hadabout 10,000 troops and were threatening to overthrow Diem.Then the US sent15,100(WorldBook) more US advisors in from 1961 – 1963. The Buddhist;s also had a hard timewith Diem, they felt he did not give enough religious freedom.The Buddhists also held thebetter part of Vietnam;s popul..


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