The on my educational goals.My father fought in

The Vietnam War has significantly affected me personally and has also had a great impact on my educational goals.My father fought in the Vietnam War and from his war stories I have learned what true pride in your country is.

He has taught me what it means to truly love your country and all that it stands for. My house burned down three years ago and at that point I gained a new perspective on life.I now know that physical things do not last long but what you do while you are here on earth does.I am very active in my school in order to encourage other students that they can be anything they want to be.My school has given me several opportunities and has taught me not only educational information but has shown me things that will help me to succeed in life.Because of this I do everything I can at school to give back to them in some way.

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I am an active volunteer in local community service projects to show those less fortunate that someone cares about them.With each project I leave knowing more about myself than when the projectfirst began. My father works very hard each day as he has his entire life to ensure that his children would have a good life.If I were to receive these two scholarships I would be able to go to college to make something of myself and make my father proud.

Then all of my father's hard work, not only for his family but for his country, would pay off.My educational goals and objectives are to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in both Mathematics and English.I plan on becoming either an Advanced Math teacher or Advanced English teacher at my current high school.By mentoring the future of tomorrow on that level I would be able to encourage them to set their goals high and let them know that they can achieve them.

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