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The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a very emotional memorial that remembers something that once wanted to be forgotten.People then realized that we couldn't forget it because it was part of our history and it would be remembered forever if we wanted it to be or not.In Washington DC, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, designed by Maya Ying Lin had finally come to life in 1980.Ever since then it has been a memorable place for people of all ages to visit and remember each.A few years later they added the Service Men Memorial and the Vietnam Women's Memorial to the selection of memorials.

People all around the country, young or old, know of the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War was the most unpopular and longest war Americans ever fought.The suffering, sorrow, and loss left the country divided and in chaos although that can never be changed.No one wants to see America divided like that because it was a horrible time for all.Many young men were called to Vietnam during the draft and many lost their lives. (http://www.

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order now United States started sending American troops miles away to Vietnam during a twenty-five year period.The Vietnam War lasted from 1959-1975.This war created a lot of tension between Americans about which side was right and which was wrong.

Almost three million Americans were sent to Vietnam to fight for an unsure cause.Over two and a half million people on both sides of the war were killed.Over fifty-eight thousand Americans had lost their lives fighting.

The financial cost to the US was over one hundred fifty billion dollars to a war that Americans shouldn't have even been involved in. (http://www.vietnampix.

com/intro.htm) On thefirst day of war nine hundred ninety-seven men died, five men were sixteen and twelve men were seventeen.During the rest of the war the oldest man killed was sixty-two years old, there are eight women listed on the wall and ..


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