Vietnam and her idea. I personally think that

Vietnam was between 1661-1975 tom Davis was thefirst solider to be killed in action on dec.22, 1961. When the conflict ended 2.5 million died Vietnamese, Cambodians, Laotians, French, and Americans. The Vietnam was the only war we have ever lost thus the United States seizes to make an acknowledgment that they had failed and killed many U.S.

soldiers.Many of them n in Vietnam were only around the age 18-20 90% of them at least by 1965 when draft for the war really picked up. We had watched movies on Vietnam and how it affected so many lives the building of the memorial was quite a conflict after the design contest for the memorial was won. Out of 1,421 entries Maya Ying Lin, 22 year old graduate of Yale which was originally a class project.

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We discussed the confrontation of here seeing U.S P.O.W's and she called them baby killers (may not be true) for bombing supposable innocent village but I think that they do the orders given and if she did I would think that if she is making something marking are countries soldiers then what does she think she's doing criticizing the soldiers how fought in the war. It just kind of seems odd that a lot of people dislike Maya Ying that have served in the war and have nothing good to say about her. To me somebody whose suppose to be history in the making it just seems that the majority of them would like her and her idea. I personally think that the wall is breath taking and I've personally seen it last year in Washington onmarketing trip and visited everything their. But not in a physical aspect I think her idea was the best but in a mental aspect I think that I wasn't the right place at the right time for her.

Its noticeable to see from most of the soldiers even the older guy who visited the class said I would rather not talk about it presuming that theirs going to be a negative side to what he has to say about her. On the wall their were 58,175 names of sold…

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