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The uniqueness of Vietnam can be broken down into three categories: the brutality of the war, the inaccuracy of the photo-journalistic coverage of the fighting and the war's length. There is no doubt about the brutality of the Vietnam War, but even before the Americans entered the war there was uprising in Vietnam.An example of this uprising was brought to the world's attention when Malcolm Brown in 1963 took a picture of a burning monk taken in front of Ankwong Pagada.

Thich Quang, a monk, committed suicide by dousing himself with gasoline and setting himself on fire, in order to protest against the Catholic government of Diem, which was prosecuting Buddhist monks.In 1967, Tim Page took a picture called "Carnage."This picture showed the brutality of the war by letting people know what a Vietnamese booby trap can do to a group of grunts.In this picture a person had tripped a wire, after reading a sign that stated "Any Americans who read this will die!" triggering a "bouncing betty" to spring up and zap anyone in sight.As a result, 19 were killed, 31 wounded in a matter of seconds.By the time medi vac came in, there was a smell of death in the air and bodies everywhere.How can we forget about arguably the most famous picture in Vietnam?"The Napalm Girl", taken by Huynh Cong Ut in 1972.

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This is a photo of naked girl, named Kim Phuc, tore her own clothes off and come running out of a burning village, screaming "Nong qua! Nong qua! (Too hot! Too hot!)," after a Skyraider dove in and let go a napalm bomb that exploded near a Dai Temple in Trang Bang.Unfortunately for Kim and the other villagers the bomb was dropped on the wrong side of the village, missing the targeted Vietcong and N.V. troops."My Lai Massacre". Though, the 2nd Indochina war was unique in that it was thefirst TV war, one can't believe in everything he or she believe.


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