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For 11 years, the most powerful nation in the world made every effort to defeat a nationalist revolutionary movement in a tiny poor country, and failed. The French had been trying to conquer take over long before, but they too had to withdraw at some point after fighting for long with no victory. The U.S.

, being theYankee imperialists? that we are, took it upon ourselves to helpprotect the world? from communism. The Domino Theory developed in 1950, backed their beliefs by saying if one country in the surrounding area fell to communism, other would so the same, and the courageous Americans had to stop this. For 11 years this is what the public were told and believed. It was a patriotic act and was certainly justified in order to prevent the spread of communism.

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Why then were homes being burned and thousands of innocent civilians executed? Was there really a need for twice the amount of bombs used in Europe and Asia during World War II? In August 1964, President Johnson used a ridiculous lie in order to launch a full-scale war on Vietnam. Johnson and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara stated that the U.S.

destroyer underwent an unprovoked attack while on routine control in international waters. A few lies here and there, leave out the important details, and you?ve got yourself a justified war. First, it was not a routine patrol because the ship was on a special spying mission. In addition, it was not in international waters, but in Vietnamese territorial waters. Lastly, how realistic is it to claim that a little gunboat fired upon a huge U.S. destroyer, andfirst world power? Pretty bad lie if you ask me. At this point, the Tonkin Resolution was passed giving the president power to be hostile and use any means necessary to fight back, without ever declaring it a war.

And use any means they did. They fired on military villages and the everyday poor villages. A Buddhist pagoda and Catholic Church wasaccidentally? bombed 3 ti…

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