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In 1950, President Harry S. Truman authorized $15 million to go to the French in aid to "contain" communism, thus beginning America's involvement in a war that we had nothing to do with. The United States once had a foreign policy of non-involvement during the early 1900's in World War I (WWI) and the beginning of World War II (WWII).

This policy led to the involvement of the United States in WWII. Monetary aid as it shows in history provokes strong feelings against the party that funds wars. In 1950, the US's foreign policy was "containment." This was the policy of keeping communism within certain areas of the world and not letting it spread.

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There were other policies of being the police of the world and making sure that the rights of people were not infracted upon, but the main goal was to keep communism out of other countries. There were many factors that led the United States to be involved with the Vietnam conflict. Other than political factors, there was the fact that there were many different presidents during the thirty year conflict, and they had different goals for the United States, there was the pride that each of the presidents felt about America, and there was the history of Asian culture that both Americans and Europeans had infracted upon.

When the United Statesfirst started to go into Vietnam, they were unaware of many truths. They were unaware that the Vietnamese were a determined, hard working people, and underestimated the strength and power they had in their own jungles. The Vietnam War was not fought because there was a severe wrongdoing on the part of the Vietnamese; this war was fought because the United States in all her power and glory was trying in fact to make the world like them. Being the police of the world is a big responsibility and even the United States as powerful as she is, could not defeat a small province in Southeast Asia.

Political commitments are what r…

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