The U.S.This behavior as a super power was

The American Style in Vietnam The American style of politics evolved and changed from its beginnings.

Until now, the United States balance of power stemmed from their style.The United States typically was detached politically from others.Also, the geographical position and abundant natural resources allowed them to remain detached militarily from European powers.The ultimate goal was to ensure survival and achieve security.Things were about to change with the war on Vietnam.United States is a center based power founded on human freedoms.Throughout history, the U.

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S. was able to remain outside the great political circle.Until the 20th century, they had not yet extended their sphere of influence enough to become a true global power.Past behavioral history reflected a foundation for understanding the many foreign policy dilemmas facing the U.S.This behavior as a super power was developed by cultural values, the leaders definitions of friend vs. enemy and demands posed by the international system.American foreign policy was an expression of national style.

The U.S. political system is based on individual rights and limited government..This, as in past history, has proven to be superior to communist forms of government.As leaders, the desire was to remain a premier global power.

The U.S. typically remained detached from foreign powers except when their security was threatened.America considered itself a morally and politically superior society.Struggles were avoided and much of history shows refraining from intervention in great power conflicts.

Power was used only to fight on behalf of a righteous cause.This was to uphold democratic purposes.Peace and harmony and an egalitarian society was the norm.The U.S. provided economic expansion based on foreign trade without political strings attached.

War was faced with reluctance and only if provoked and justif…

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