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Humankind has built the habit to take everything for granted and not spent a second worrying how it got to where it was, its history, or its effect. Video Gaming has been a big part of the intellectual humans’ mind. We naturally look to it when we are in a bad mood, trying to get away from problems or to have a good time. Physicist William Higinbotham, created the first video game in 1958, which was a simple low-quality graphic video game called Pong. It became viral, people looked to it for a good time. Now, famous companies such as Rockstar Inc. who are creating virtually realistic video games where you can live your life as you were to in the real world but with millions of more unrealistic possibilities, like flying an airplane on the first day of playing. We can easily identify how these two differences in video games and time periods can affect the child’s psychological state of mind. The development of video games impacted children in an unfavourable psychological manner by the inclusion of endless possibilities in virtual gameplay (such as being a soldier at war, prominent businessman, or even an airline pilot,) psychological standpoints of children, and the exposure of certain graphical content which children are not yet mature enough for.In the year of 1967, Ralph H. Baer created the first Brown Box Video game console attached to two controllers. The console connected to an ordinary TV set available back in the early 70’s. He was then given the title “father of gaming.” The year 1981 to 1985 was half a decade mainly dominated by Nintendo and Sega. Also, the time period in which some of the most iconic video games have been produced such as Pac-Man, Golden Axe, and Mario Bros! Taking over the gaming market in Asia, and not yet launching in North America Nintendo was proclaimed the best selling console of the generation. For a couple years, Nintendo and Sega have been having their console wars, roughly up until they introduced compact disks instead of cartridges allowing more space within the game. Sony then introduced their first console the PlayStation. Meanwhile, Sega introducing its new Genesis system to the market, which simulated realistic gaming environments. Nowadays, the major contestants in the console gaming industry are the PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and One, and the WII. All offering from 1080 to 4000-pixel graphics, Affordability has increased within the development of console-based games, as seen in the first released pong throughout modern day variety of high-resolution games.There are indeed various different positive outcomes of video games as well, if played right. The basic visual process can be improved just by spreading out an average of fifty hours of gaming throughout ten to twelve weeks. It is suggested that by doing this, your visual contrast sensitivity improves majorly. Gaming has also been known to treat various different health factors such as amblyopia, which is a disease also known to be called “lazy eye’, where one of your two eyes essentially becomes non-functional. Rather than binge playing video games, it is proved by leading scientists that spreading your game time throughout a long period of time with breaks would benefit you. Children should be educated that binge gaming is ultimately horrible for you, but positive effects are derivable from gaming by spreading it through a certain period of time. Video games have been known to improve an individual’s ability to locate targets in a scenario of various present distractors. This can be a good heal for dyslexia, which is when one lacks attention. Gaming also forces the player to work on his/her ability to engage in multiple tasks simultaneously. Video gaming makes people think outside the box, from airplane piloting video games where you have to watch and stabilize your fuel gauge, speed, altitude, and weather status, to tactical first-person shooters in which you have to constantly construct new tactics and lead your teammates through various mission scenarios.Today, most games released to the public market are violent, create suspense, expose certain PG rated graphics, and are too addictive. Around 20 years ago, before the gaming market was booming, family-friendly games such as the Sims, Minecraft, Sonic, and Pokemon. Graphics also affected the industry, as the graphics became better, games would become more detailed. What we could identify as bad pixel graphic blood 20 years ago, nowadays looks as if it were almost real. Survival games such as Minecraft are very beneficial for the creative mind for children, teaching us how to survive a low graphic post-apocalyptic cube world, building shelter, creating mechanisms for food farming, and having fun with friends. Violent games such as Call of Duty, and incredibly detailed, realistic warfare games that lots of children play nowadays would stimulate violence and rage within the child’s undeveloped psychological mind.Various different video games serve a large range of social and intellectual uses. According to a study made at Ohio state university, Brad Bushman has come to the conclusion that violent video games not for children lead to aggressiveness portrayed throughout an individual’s daily life, such as behavior, increase in heart rate, and negative feelings. It is very preventable. Some Parents are not educated enough to tell the difference between what their children are supposed to be allowed to play and what not. Unharmful arcade video games or low graphic story scenario video games won’t harm a child, instead proven to increase their logical approach to thinking. Some video games can even prevent pain, such as family-friendly virtually realistic types such as Job Simulator, where the game takes you back in times where jobs weren’t replaced with humans. Video games have both proven to be harmful, and helpful consecutively.    When a video game builds suspense, when played it causes us (gamers) to be excited or afraid of what to expect next. What builds this most? Music. In a game, music has been a huge part of the gamers life ever the first game sonic, where the music increased as you progressed further and further in the run. In most games nowadays editors of games build suspense by playing creepy music in horror games. Horror games have been the most suspense building genre of video gaming in the past 20 years. Since the first Japanese based game “Resident Evil” where the objective of the game was to survive in a haunted house. Suspense can harm a child’s undeveloped psychological mind by leaving shocks, and terrorize his/her mind. Children playing video games with a lot of suspense flows will affect them in a negative way. It’s like a horror movie, you can get bad dreams from them. Horror movies scare us and build suspense. Same goes for horror games. Graphics have been a major part of the video gaming industry for a long while. “Approximately 90% of children in the U.S. play video games, and more than 90% of those games involve mature content that often includes violence. The connection between violent media and aggression has also spawned a body of research that has gone back and forth on the issue”  The content of what children can access should be limited and filtered. Kids being exposed to violent content in video games will cause them to be more violent, showing through in the ‘rage’ factor. There isn’t really a logical way of stopping children from playing these video games, as they can easily purchase these games through second/third-party resellers. Parents should be educating their children and keeping track of what they are playing. GTA 5, a virtually realistic video game is nowadays mostly played by kids under the age of 16. The game is PG rated 18, with various sexual disturbing scenes. Exposing children to such scenes without knowing might harm the children’s psychological view of life, causing them to confuse real life and virtual reality. Children being taught that it’s alright to play violent video games as young adults will cause them to confuse the link between virtual reality and real life. A confused state of a person between the virtual reality and real life might be the cause of many present days terrorist attacks. When coming into contact with video games the youth should also realize the risk factors of certain in-game features. The first time the multiplayer mode was introduced into gaming was developed on the Plato system in 1973, a game called Astro Race. Online gaming chat rooms can both be fun for mass-multiplayer gaming, but also harmful. These online chat rooms contain the presence of unfiltered anonymous strangers. There is a risk of a child who is uneducated in the field of not giving away personal information, doing so. These anonymous strangers might request the gamers personal details, such as age, physical description, or even addresses. This is a common issue nowadays and there has been a lot of cases where children have been known to begin to trust an online person with the objective of obtaining one’s personal information. Hackers, also know how to find a way through knowing where you live. Downloadable cheats have been a very popular add-on since Sonic. Modern day hackers have found a way to copy a gamers personal information whilst the purchasing the cheat software. They copy down your credit card details, address lines, and personal information. Online game scamming has also become a substantial issue. Selling leveled up character accounts with in-game advantages has also become popular nowadays. The way it works, is when someone receives a payment for the character from another player, the password to the account is changed immediately, ultimately becoming no longer accessible. Game addiction is also a certain possibility. Many of us have found ourselves binge-watching a movie series or a tv show because of the amount of suspense they offer. Same goes for gaming, kids are becoming addicted to the virtual world, and progressing in these two-dimensional realms, rather than advancing in the real world. The development of video games impacted children in an unfavorable psychological manner by the inclusion of endless possibilities in virtual gameplay, psychological standpoints of children, and the exposure of certain content which children are not yet mature enough for. Moving forward, the amount of gameplay and the content of games should be more taken care of and restricted towards the young generation of kids growing up nowadays.


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