Video offline/online, single player and multiplayer modes and

Video games are first originated in 1950s.

Since they were not very much popular at that time, scientists tried to develop these video games. From the beginning of 1970s, demand for video games got increased with the release of new gaming consoles. From 1970 – 1990, a massive change of the video games industry took place. Later on from 2012 onwards, evolution of the cinematographic games occurred gradually and now video games are available for smartphones as well as for smart gaming platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation and for the PCs including offline/online, single player and multiplayer modes and it has become a kind of an addictive drug among young generation.

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Video games are played by people under different age categories and as university students of Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology, it has observed that there are many number students who play video games which it is useful for them in different ways. For example some students engage on video gaming to release their stress while others play it as a hobby. The research ‘The most preferred video game among SLIIT students’ conducted in order to identify the top video games which the students are interested. Created questionnaire helped to find out the objectives which are gender, age group, favorite gaming mode and the top three games which students like.


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