VICE relationship with him. In 2017, Vice made

            VICEMedia, Inc. founded in 1994 under the initial name of Voice of Montreal,currently led by Shane Smith, originating from Montreal.

Vice expandedprimarily into youth and young adult-focused digital media including onlinecontent like web series, news, film production studio and a record label atdifferent locations around the world.SummaryIn the article, it isreported that it found four legal settlements involving allegations of sexualharassment or defamation against Vice employees from top management to bottom. Additionally,it is also reported that more than twenty other women who are employees of Vicehad witnessed or experienced sexual misconduct at the work place. Also, at Vice there is a’boy’s club’ culture which promoted unprofessional attitude or behavior thatspread throughout the company, with regarding this, the founders of Vice, ShaneSmith and Suroosh Avi has given a statement to the media, “We have failed as acompany to create a safe and inclusive workplace where everyone, especiallywomen, can feel respected and thrive”.Impact on business brandThe male employees repeatedlysubjected female employees to sexual harassment in the form of explicitpropositions and deformed sexual remarks, which forced female employees to quittheir job. Due to these allegations and sexual harassment lawsuits, Viceaffected financially and also loosing its reputation.

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  The workplace environmentfailed to properly address the issue to sexual harassment and developed thesigns of negative work culture, displeasure employees and high levelabsenteeism is reflected in the company which can subsequently effects theproductivity of employees. ResearchIn 2016, Vice’s president,Andrew Creighton, made a settlement of $135,000 with a former employee who claimed that she was fired after sherejected an intimate relationship with him. In 2017, Vice made a settlement of$24,000 with a former journalist who said she had been the victim of racial,sexual harassment, bullying and gender discrimination.Initially, Vice’s managementdid not act to address with the staff resulted in, co-workers neglecting toreport the ongoing incidences of sexual harassment they witnessed. The companymiserably failed to project the employees.

            Mainly,the boys club culture at Vice is one of the main reasons for harassment issueswhen the employees are drunk and not in their senses, where partying often wasan extension of the job and can effect their appraisals and promotions at Viceif they miss the party.            Fromtop to down Vice failed as company to create a safe workplace where everyone,mainly women, should feel respected and prosper.Good Practices to implementVice’s management could haveavoided these situations by implementing strict committee, policies,procedures, programs and training as per the amendments by the governmentpolicy.Training. Vice should make sure thatall their employees, from president to the newly employed worker should knowwhat sexual harassment is and that is not at all tolerated by the law. Training employees on regularintervals are the best way to change the employees’ mindset and behavior.

Change in committee and policy.  Vice should change their sexual harassmentcommittee by appointing the senior feminist and need to revise their policy tostrict the rules and regulations relating to sexual harassment, bullying andracism.Responding to complaints appropriately and timely. Vice should have a process in place by which employees can expresstheir concerns confidentially, without having to involve the alleged harasserin the chain of reporting.  Treat everyconcern seriously and don’t brush off rumors without giving them the attentionthey deserve.

In some cases, complaints canbe resolved with a staff meeting to go over the rules of workplace etiquette.Other problems may require more formal investigation, assistance of outsidecounsel, and discipline.             Avoiding and managing situations thatdrives to harassment. One of the best ways to handle harassment complaintsin the workplace is to not have any because your employees know how to behavein the workplace. Vice has to make sure all employees are given strictguidelines on workplace ethics and should observe the things and behavioralhabits of the employees on the floor and have to react to them if anything lookssuspicious before they escalate.  


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