Veterans the appreciation which is due to the

Veterans are those who have served in order to honor and protect their country.As these individuals boldly practiced their beliefs in freedom, they inadvertently rewrote history, and we asAmericans honor these patriots who were willing to give the ultimate sacrifice.

Veterans Day is the day that we set aside to honor those who served, but one day does not cover all the bloodshed.The day is not enough to show the appreciation which is due to the countless number of heroic men and women.The American people should do more to show respect to their veterans. After the many hard, sweaty days fighting the enemy with your friends dying all around you, the confrontation is finally over.A soldier gets to go home, but others will not be so lucky.

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This is what it means to be a veteran.Many people would just say it is putting on a uniform and carrying a gun against an enemy, but it is so much more than that.It is serving your country and standing up for what one believes is right.A veteran's glory is not appreciated by the majority of the American people, because they do not understand all the heartache and pain that comes with the job.These heroes did not have to be asked to do what was right, or uphold their countries' values.

True, some were drafted to fight, but not one of these individuals would say it was not a life changing experience for them.The memory, whether happy or painful, will be permanently stuck with them for the rest of their lives. The men and women who helped shape the face of this country through their honor, legacy, and patriotism are those we call veterans.They are our dads, moms, uncles, brothers, and grandfathers.

Yet, we constantly overlook their desire and passion for this country.The gratitude that they deserve is not shown towards them, as it should be.The way that the American people think that they sho…

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