The battle of Philippi.Modern historians have their own

The subject matter presented in Eclogue 1 tells much about the time in which it was written.Eclogue 1, in essence, is about the land confiscations after the battle of Philippi.Modern historians have their own ideas about why the poem was written, which it turn would explain the time in which Eclogue 1 was written.Some of these ideas include Tityrus’ being Vergil, protest against land confiscations, or a eulogy to Octavian.It may be possible that all three of these themes were apart of Eclogue 1.Exploring all three themes would certainly give a more in depth peer into the time of Vergil.The question of whether or not Vergil wrote to tell a story or wrote to give information on the age in which he lived is raised.

Perhaps Vergil has made an attempt at both.In reading Eclogue 1, we know that Meliboeus and Tityrus are fictional characters; however, the reader knows that the land confiscations is factual information about the time.Eclogue 1 is a poem dedicated to providing entertainment without sacrificing historical information.This poem gives much insight on the time it was written.Analysis of these ideas would explain to a reader what happened during the events that were taking place during the time Eclogue 1 was written.The characters, Tityrus and Meliboeus, provide different elements in the poem.Tityrus provides humor with is light-heartedness and naive nature.

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Meliboeus brings the reader back to reality and makes him grievous (Verg., Ecl. 1 intro; pg.29, Lee, tr.).

History explains that after the Battle of Philippi in 42 B.C., the veterans were given land in Italy, confiscated from the supporters of the losing side, once Antony and Octavian defeated Brutus and Cassius.Vergil supposedly began writing The Eclogues after 44 B.C.Historians agree that Vergil had lived in the area where the land confiscations were happening.

This would help to prove that Eclogue 1 may have been somewhat autobiographical inf…

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