VANCOUVER labour and employee relations· Recruitment and


Read the case on pages 32-33, and answer the 5 thinking about the case questions on pages 32-33. FedEx CaseThinking about the case answers: 1: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a approach for managing relations and interacting with its customers. CRM helps in organizing and providing technical support, customer service as well as maximize sales, attracts new customers and makes efficient marketing campaigns. Examples of CRM applications are client service and call centers. 2: Clarify, the CRM software would have numerous advantages for FedEx by using CRM applications.

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The software (Clarify) that FedEx installed will help the company to save money monthly as representatives answer quickly to the customers problems and are taking very less time to help customers. In the call center employees will proceed the request faster and more efficiently  with the help of this software. On the other hand, modifying the software using java code enables representatives to save more time and helps them  to move swiftly between different applications and windows as all information will be available at one place. 3: Before Clarify the representatives handled fewer issues which means they used to take longer time with each customer.

But after Clarify the company took less time to deal with more customer issues as well as with the help of FedEx website the number of phone calls from customers decreased. 4: As a customer, I would prefer mechanized service as human service can make errors sometimes and wastes a lot of time whereas using mechanized service would give more accurate information and will help in saving time. 5: As an executive for FedEx I would like to implement a private chat software so that there can be a chat using the FedEx website between the customers and the representatives of the company regarding client problems or courier packages.

I would also use a software to provide information regarding the delivery time and date to the customer through text message on mobile phone with the help of internet. TEAM ACTIVITIES: 1)             Role of a vice-president in business functions: HUMAN RESOURCE:Functions:·               Development of organization·               Maintains labour and employee relations·               Recruitment and Staffing·               Controls Compensation and BenefitsShared Information:Payment of salaries and updated information about employees pay raise is shared with the Finance department Human Resources specialist also help the operation management team in designing the new models and system. ACCOUNTING:Functions:·      Responsible for creating annual budget·      Plans financial investigation and prepares financial reports and statements·      Maintains accurate accounting records and records business transactionShared Information:The accounting department annual and quarterly figures are shared with the Human resource to decide different hiring opportunitiesThe financial and accounting reports generated quarterly help the business members to determine new investment opportunities for the growth of the company. MARKETING:Functions:·      Tracks competitors moves·      Organizes various analysis that would help to identify the different challenges·      Finds growth opportunities for the company Shared Information The marketing campaigns are budgeted by the accounting department.The marketing team reports the same growth which in the end helps the management team to dig deeper into the their business and preparing for the next.

2) A new business opportunity that I would like to pursue which does not need information technology (IT) is manufacturing  a machine that makes folding clothes easy. Simply place the clothes into the machine.  It will fold the clothes, choose to add any spray or starch as desired and  folded clothes come out of the machine neatly.There is a need to develop a product like this as people have time constraints, resulting in one less household task which we all can benefit from. The product would basically have three different panels in which two will fold in.

There will be a couple different sizes of this machine depending on the income level of people. There will also be a battery powered or solar-powered machine. It will have  different prices based on the size of the machine to make it more affordable for people.

To enter into the market, we could sell to other laundry companies or partner up with clothing stores that have to fold the clothes in large bulk. We will launch this as soon as possible within the year of 2019 and within the Canada possibly reserve a spot at conventions, or showcase at a universities or small startup firm to advertise our product through it.


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