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Value of a College Degree’ by Katherine Porter explains the importance of a four-year college degree. In this essay she explains whether going to college is worth it or not. According to her, College is so much money and not everyone can afford it, but if you decide to go, there will be piles of opportunities waiting for you. In this essay she explains about different types of advantages of higher education.

Katherine Porter not only talks about debt from colleges, she also mentions the advantages from going to college. She says that grownups who attend and graduate from college are in good health, for themselves and their children. Many studies have shown that people with a higher degree tend to spend more time with their family, and better prepare their children for the future. She explains the economic and social values of the attending a four-year college.

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Porter believes that attending a 2-year college, instead of a 4-year college, would leave that person with a greater chance of having little to no debt after schools done. In the end of her essay she says, “In order to maximize the return on their time and monetary investment, students who do choose to enroll in 4-year colleges should do everything in their power to graduate.” I see it as, if you go to a 4-year college make sure you complete your school, don’t drop out or you’ll waste your money. All of her points were clear and can be related to our life. hence, I am convinced by her argument.


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