VALUATION of Endosulfan by High Carbon Iron Filings

VALUATION OF MILL SCALE AS ANTICORROSIVE PIGMENT BEZZINA Belgacem1,2 1Research Centre in Industrial Technologies (CRTI), P.O.BOX 64, Cheraga 16014, Algiers, Algeria E-mail: [email protected] ABED GHARS Med Tayeb1 2Laboratory of Computational Chemistry and nanostructures LCCN, University of 8 May 1945 Guelma, Algeria.

Abstract— This work focuses on the valuation of steel waste (mill scale) and its transformation to a usable product in the field of anti-corrosive paints. Their properties were compared to an anticorrosion paint trademark based on iron oxide. For this purpose various techniques of mechanical and physical-chemical analysis were used; the grinding is applied to pieces of mill scale for obtained very fine powders (LAC1>LAC7>LAC15>CAR15>CAR0>CAR1>ANTI>LAC0>CAR3>CAR7 ACKNOWLEDGMENT This work was supported by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Research Centre in Industrial Technologies (CRTI). The authors acknowledge the iron and steel applied Research Unit (URASM-Annaba) in which this work was performed. REFERENCES 1 V.P.

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