For was the one of Tutankhamon. Howard Carter

For the Ancient Egyptians the west was the way to the kingdom where the death could enter. This place was for them the Valley of the Kings.

It was the place where the royal people wanted to be. The Valley of the Kings is a wonderful world to be discovered. The Valley of the Kings was a burial place.

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It was used by Egyptian rulers of the New Kingdom period. It was where the kings were buried. The Egyptians buried the kings along with their most important things. The objects were jewelry, pots and lots of more The Valley of the Kings is located on the West bank of the Nile opposite to the northern town of Luxor. Although only a few kms. West of the River bank. High cliffs and a long narrow entrance hide the Valley of the Kings.It is south of Thebas.

It now has ways of communication which it didn‘t have before.The mountain of Thebas, at the far end of the Valley forms a natural pyramid both in shape and in use. It contains sixty or more tombs. Many tombs had to be changed of place several times because they used to be robbed.

Egyptians would change their places The Valley of the Kings also recieved in ancient times the name of the Place of the Truth and the Valley of the Kings Biban el-Muluk.Thefirst tomb discovered was the one of Seti the 1st. The Italian discoverer G. B. Belzoni found it in 1817.

It has a very complicated construction. It has a lot of stairs and galleries as well as pillars. In one there was a sarcophagus of the pharaos without the mummy. The last tomb discovered in 1922 was the one of Tutankhamon. Howard Carter found it on Nov.

4, 1922. Great amounts of treasures were found. There were so well hidden that thieves couldn’t find them. It’s not a luxory tomb.

The sarcophagus is one of the prettiest….

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