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VakhtangKorkotashviliDecember15th, 2017JerusalemJerusalem became a very debatable topicever since the aftermath of World War II. UN formed country Israel whichstarted to cause a lot of problems and conflicts in the Middle East. It tookthousands of lives and made the whole region around the holy place veryunstable.

Today it is especially important because of a recent event when presidentof United States, Donald J. Trump declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel.This had a big feedback from a lot of Muslim countries. There was even anattempt of a terrorist attack in New York, USA. Jerusalem has always been aholy site for all three major religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam.            Jerusalem hasalways been significant to Christians because it is the place of Jesus Christ’sdeath and burial.

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In Orthodox Christianity it is believed that every year onthe Easter fire forms on the grave of Jesus which is then distributed allaround the world. In addition, they believe that the fire won’t burn them andsome even believe that fire represents a peaceful year.             Jews’hold history of 4000 years with Jerusalem. The holy site is Western Wall, builtby King Solomon in the 10th century BCE to support the Temple Mount.People can pray to this wall but what really is considered the holiest site forJews is the temple inside. During prayers, men and women are separated to stayfully focused on God. It is believed by Jews that if one writes a wish and/or aprayer and place it on/in the wall, it will come true.            Muslimshave been also dominating the territory for centuries.

The Dome of the Rock,that stand in Jerusalem since 960, is the 3rd holiest place forMuslims. It was built to commemorate Isra – Muhammad’s spiritual trip fromMecca to Jerusalem to Heaven on a magical horse. The mosque was also builtduring the time Mecca was taken by rebels so people were preying in Jerusalem.Sinceall three major religions are considering Jerusalem a holy site, it should bean international territory. However, neither of the sides let go of their endof the tie despite the fact that they all worship the same God of Abraham andMoses.

Yet, big political figures such as presidents of developed countriesdefinitely should not encourage either of the side to an extant that wouldstart a bigger war. 


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