Vacationing and emotionally stable. According to the Framingham

Vacationing is the time off that your body needs to recover every once in a while, its basically our “recharge” from our everyday lives. This time off also could allow you to catch up on sleep, we should all be having at least 8 hours of sleep each night. GALLUP news states that Americans get an average of 6.8 hours of sleep a night. Without 8 hours of sleep, we aren’t as focused and alert. Your memory also becomes better because of there being less on your mind. It might be a little dreadful coming back to your workplace after time off, but you’ll have a fresh start allowing you to work harder and better. Having time off and traveling allows your brain to adapt to new situations, becoming more aware. You’ll be more productive and overall better at performing your duties. According to the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, those who travel and study abroad tend to be more open and emotionally stable. According to the Framingham heart study, its actually shown that men and women who travel annually were less likely to suffer any heart attacks and develop a heart disease (MATAD). Also, exposing yourself to different environments create stronger antibodies and boost your immune system significantly (Matadornetwork). Finally, I’m sure you’ve heard the biggest benefit of them all. The one we all can relate from experience.. STRESS!
Not only is it good mentally, but physically. Vacationing makes you get out and keep your mind occupied. According to Huffington Post, about 42% of Americans do not take all of their paid vacation time (Jacques). With the technology we have nowadays, vacationing gets you disconnect from it for a little bit to get a chance to get out of your comfort zone and do new things. Even if your vacation consists of going up to New Hampshire for a day or trip to the nail salon to treat yourself, its still your own little vacation. If you have PAID time off from work, you should use it. It’s your time to be stress free and relax, possibly even pursuing another interest. It’s your break from reality for a little while. Vacationing is something you can look forward to. You’ll be able to try things that you’ve never done before. 
Not only that, but you’ll enjoy all the memories you create along the way. You create experiences that you would never forget. You’re also always meeting new people and creating relationships with them along the way of your journey. Not only that, but you’re actually learning a lot about yourself too. We, as humans, are constantly evolving and changing. Opportunities like traveling allows us gain confidence in our abilities. The world is filled with so many opportunities to learn. There are new and different cultures that you aren’t used to, that are totally different from home and you get the privilege to familiarize with. The opportunity to try new foods and traditions. These memories you create along the way will last a lifetime with you. 
So go ahead, decide where you’d like to getaway, whether it’s a day or week. Open yourself up a travel fund and start putting some money out of each check into it. Tax refunds are coming up soon, might as well toss those in your travel fund too! So go get out there and go on vacation, you wont regret it! The next time you’re piled with work, stressed to the top and can’t think straight, think about booking yourself a vacation of a lifetime. It benefits your well being, gets you off from work for a short while and you get to create memories of a lifetime. And hey, who knows, the trip could possibly even have you have a different outlook on life. 


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