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The Oxford English Dictionary defines ‘Utopia’ as “a place, state or condition ideally perfect in respect to the politics, laws, customs and conditions” or “an impossibly ideal scheme especially for social improvement.”In Thomas More's Utopia, he writes a fictional story of the perfect state, a state where everyone is educated and where everyone understands his or her place in society.But more importantly, More stresses the importance of no personal property.In the book no citizen of Utopia posses private properly and no money, because those are the two greatest sources of inequality between men. In Book 1 of Utopia, More is introduced to Raphael Hythloday, a knowledgeable and experienced sailor, by a friend.Raphael talks about councilors who dare not give the king good advice. In fact, they abet the king in his tyrannical ways.

More seems to be intrigued and after hearing just a little of what Raphael had to say More invites him to converse with him in the garden. Once in the garden, More and Raphael discuss the land of Utopia.Raphael describes the geographical features, the working system, and the government.

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But takes the most time describing that no one posses any private property.It is easy to tell that More considers this the most important achievement of the society because of the amount of time he spends describing it. Thefirst evidence of this is when Raphael says that Utopia is the worlds lowest consumer of wool.Because citizens only own two outfits, loose fitting leather overalls, and a wool cloak and the reasoning that, "They wouldn't make him any warmer – or any better looking."(pg. 79)So, the citizens usually get a new clothes about every two years, seeing no reason in having multiple outfits because the one the have is the same as everyone else's.

Also, the state of Utopia usually will lend part of its capital to other countries usually onl…

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