Utilitarianism philosophy in which the happiness of

Utilitarianism and Doctrine of utility    “An ethical philosophy in which the happiness of the greatest number ofpeople in the society is considered the greatest good.”Basically utilitarianism belongs to capitalist society. There was ashift from land autocracy to industrialization. According to utilitarianism themain aim is to provide happiness to the state. Life is based upon two things ·       Happiness·       PainPleasure alwayspreferred over.

The principals of utility are 1.  Recognizes the fundamental role of Pain and Pleasure inhuman life.2.Approves or disapproves of an action on the basis of the amount of pain orpleasure .3.Equatesthe good with the pleasurable and the evil with pain.Necessity of utilitarianismIn1715 to 1885 dynamic change started emerging in uk due to industrial revolutionfrom agrarian.

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The landed autocract losts its importance and new class cameinto existence . The class of land autocracy lost the importance and industrialclass become dominant. Need of political system to secure the right of theindividual. He believed in happiness and security of the people he purpose equalityand gretest happiness of the people.

he had to find philosophy between state andthe changing class structure. Bentham philosophy aboututilitarianismThephilosopher and jurist Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) was born in Spitalfields,London, on 15 February 174.He was the founder of utlitranism he was an Englishphilosopher and political radical.he says that it should befor the happiness of greater number of people   ” The greatest happinessfor the greatest number “Hewas also interested in law legal system , jurisperdence , equality anddemocracy .according to him happiness of the majority of its member in thestandard by which a state should be guide.Therewere three thimgs which effects the Bentham mind American revolution ,industrial revolution and colonization.

ForBentham happiness is just pleasure and absence of pain. The value of apleasure or pain depends only on its intensity and duration. His philosophy ofutlitranism was equality , equality of women equal representation in politicalaffairs and equal division of  all rights.Accordingto him a true legislation brings happiness to the people and to create harmonybetween public and private interests.1.

     The good of a society is the sum of thehappiness of  individuals in that particularsociety.2.     Molarity purpose is promotion of the good ofsociety.3.

     A moral principle is ideal if and only ifuniversal conformity to it would maximize the good of society.4.     Universal conformity to the principle of UTILITYwould maximize the good of society.

 Principal of utilitarianismTheprinciple of utility states that actions or behaviors are right in so far asthey promote happiness or pleasure, wrong as theytend to produce unhappiness or pain.Utilitarianism is one of the most important and influentialmoral theories of modern times. Utilitarianism gets its name from theterm “utility,” which in this context does not mean”useful” but, rather, means pleasure or happiness.Existence of happiness and absence of pain, removing negativeconsequnces from largest number of people, something is good if it does moregood then harm for a lot of people.in utlitranism it is called the greatest happinessof the people which states the moral action is the one that increses the totalutlity in the world, if the action is moral it increses a lot of happiness inthe world.. Everyone’s HappinessCounts EquallySo in Bentham’s time, this principle of equality wasdecidedly progressive  It lay behind calls on the government to passpolicies that would benefit all equally, not just the ruling elite.

It is alsothe reason why utilitarianism is very far removed from any kind of egoism. Thedoctrine does not say that you should strive to maximize your own happiness.Rather, your happiness is just that of oneperson and carries no special weight.

We also experiencepleasure when we perform certain intellectual activities, such as reading aphilosophy textbook, playing guitar, or drawing a picture. We sometimes, butnot always, experience pleasure when we do the right thing. Conversely, weexperience pain when these functions are left unfulfilled    Advantages ofutilitarianism “Whatis the significance of Utilitarianism? the significance of utilitarianism isthat the best versions of utilitarianism , the truth about morality.Utilitariansdon’t just focus on their friends or family, or their fellow-citizens. They are concerned about distant strangers.  They are concerned aboutfuture generations And all affected includes all sensitive beings, so thesuffering of animals matters too.

 Principles of hedonismhepurposed hedonistic calculus theory he drive that everyone wants happiness withmaximum ease abd minimum pain.that a hedonist believesthat the good life consists solely in the pursuit and experience of pleasure orhappiness. Theprinciple of hedonism is a timeless principle as it reminds us that we shouldstrive to achieve happiness whilst avoiding pain.                                                 Happiness= pleasure minus pain  Bentham believed that everyone has an equalright to happiness. The principle of hedonism (happiness) is very important. Benthamis careful to balance out pleasure with pain when referring to the quantity ofhappiness that we achieve through our actions.  IS utilitarianism relevant in 21 century  I think thatutilitarianism is applicable in the 21st century because it isthe only practical ethical system for governing large groups of people and itprovides us with the most simple, yet powerful, ethical guideline which is tostrive for happiness but only at the same time as minimizing pain.

 Utilitarianismstill stands as one of the ways in which mass mediaworkers can attempt togather and disseminate the news in the best and most respectableway possible, but may be outstripped by more comprehensive processes Criticism -. We should work towardsthe greater good and overlook our individual differences. happy all the time,it will become more likely that no one will end up happy.

There is some criticismregarding utilitanism ·        His theory is Doubtful theory because it is not practiced the greatestnumber  of people may get happiness butnot in greatest number.·        Pleasure should be both qualitative and quantitative but bethamspleasure is only quantitative.·        The rights of the individual are less important then the good formany.·        It is difficult to predict consequences.·        There is difficulty in defining pleasure.  ·        There is no security for the minorities.

·          It is impractical to say that we shouldcalculate the morality of each choice. Conclusion  Utilitarianism brings about more happinesswhich is relevant in today’s society. Therefore, Utilitarianism is theonly practical ethical system for governing large groups of people and itprovides us with the powerful, ethical guideline which is to struggle forhappiness but only at the same time as minimizing pain. We should work towardsthe greater good and oversee our individual differences and there shall bebalanced happiness and minorities shall be focused equally .This could be putinto action in governments it will always help to satisfy the needs of themajority which is the best thing a government can hope for in its country.


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