December aircraft carriers to Hawaii. The U.S. had

December 7th, 1941, was the opening of World War 2, in the Pacific arena. In 1931, Japan invaded China’s northern parts and then in 1937, Japan announced a full invasion of China. The United States couldn’t just stand by and let Japan take over Asia’s parts, so they moved their fleets to Pearl Harbor. The strongest ships were the battleships, which were named after the states of the union. U.S. Arizona was made in 1915 and then was Rebuilt and updated in 1930.

The ship was surrounded with over 8,000 tons of armor plating and had 14″ guns that could shoot bullets over 20 miles. Since President Theodore Roosevelt didn’t like that idea of just standing around and letting Japan take over Asia, he ordered that the U.S. stop all shipments and deliveries of American oil to Japan.American oil was very important to Japan and so they were upset and had to take charge.

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The U.S. knew that a surprise attack in Pearl Harbor could happen and they thought they were ready for it. U.S. Commanding officer Hudman E.

Kimmel sent out his fleets to exercise and prepare just in case the Japanese decided to plan an attack. On November 26th, 1941, Japan sent 6 aircraft carriers to Hawaii. The U.S. had up to date radar’s, and anti- cap guns that could help protect Oahu.Wheeler Airforce base watched the skies and if signaled by Wheeler, Hickam Airforce base could attack the Japanese Fleets before they were even ready for the attack. The night before the attack, December 6th, 1941, the band on Arizona was holding a band concert on board and no one thought that that would be they’re last day of peace. At 6 a.

m., 220 miles north of Oahu, the still undetected aircraft carriers of Japan sent their planes to Pearl Harbor. First they sent off the Fighters, then the Attack Planes (that had special bombs to hit and sink battleships, or Torpedo’s that were made to run in the shallow water of Pearl Harbor), and last were the Dive Bombers. There w.


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