Accidents electrically operated kitchen wares, pressure cookers, knives

Accidents do not just happen, they are caused.

Many of the accidents are the results of carelessness, thoughtlessness, neglect and momentary lack of concentration on the part of human beings. Many of the accidents are caused due to tiredness, stress, worry, anger, illness,, bad news or even good news. Drinking of alcohol also leads to many kinds of accidents. It is not always that the person who causes accident suffers but the innocent person may suffer more.

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With the increase in population, rapid growth of industrialization and urbanization the way of life has become very fast which is the basic cause of fatal accidents and has become one of the major causes of death. The accidents can be classified as follows: 1. Indoor accidents 2.

Outdoor accidents 3. Accidental poisoning 4. Seasonal accidents

1. Indoor Accidents

Indoor accidents can happen: (a) In the kitchen where gas stoves, electrically operated kitchen wares, pressure cookers, knives etc. are used.

(b) In the bathrooms where electric geysers, washing machines and acid bottles for cleaning purposes are stored. (c) In the sitting rooms, dining rooms, stair case etc. due to pepperonis, inadequate light and haphazard arrangement of the Baggage. (d) In homes the accidents due to children of pre-school age and elderly persons are very common.

The accidents which occur due to children include falls, accidental poisoning, swallowing of foreign bodies, putting foreign bodies in the ear, nose or wind pipe burns while playing with fire or due to accidents in the kitchen; electric shock while playing with faulty electrical appliances.

2. Outdoor Accidents:

(a) Now a day’s road accidents have become a great nuisance not only in big cities but everywhere due to increase in vehicular traffic, rash driving and lack of traffic rules. A large number of deaths occur daily due to road accidents. (b) Industrial accidents: Persons who work on the machines generally fall prey to accidents, often very serious.

(c) Accidents in the sports grounds. (d) Accidents in the sea, river, well, lakes and swimming pools etc.

3. Accidental Poisoning:

Poisoning may take place either accidentally such as food poisoning; in children due to carelessness of the parents or intentionally to commit suicide.


Seasonal Accidents:

According to season a number of accidents take place e.g. in summer season cases of heat stroke and during extreme winter cases of chilblain. A number of fire accidents occur during Diwali. Similarly a number of different kinds of accidents occur during meals and other festival seasons.


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