USA buckle and crack, all of this happened

USA the Best? No, this is offensive.

Well, after 11/9 2001 and 2002. I noticed a lot of'the USA is the best country ever' sentiments. This is disgusting, simply horrifying. The US is not the only country that exists, the US may be a superpower but it is not the best country ever. This attitude is of the uninformed and the ignorant, in this essay I will attempt to educate you.

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For a start the US is not infallible, they have committed a great many atrocities one of these being the atomic bomb, this killed thousands of people, even in later generations there is still radiation poisoning and/or mutations. These were just the after effects, in a large radius of'ground zero'(the point on the earth where the bomb explodes, or the point on the earth below if it explodes in the air) peoples shadows were found burnt into the ground, these poor people had been utterly incinerated by the 7000 degree Celsius heat, metal simply melted, causing reinforced concrete to buckle and crack, all of this happened before the shockwave hit. The shockwave demolished buildings in seconds, ripped up pieces of sidewalk in places and killed anybody that managed to hide from the heat wave with falling rubble.

The US has set themselves up at the'worlds police force', disobeying UN rulings, making them just as bad as the dictators, tyrants, and so-called'terrorists' that they claim to be trying to eradicate. What kind of example are they setting for the still developing countries by defying US rulings? If they want to be the'big brother' country, they should be it, peacefully and by UN rulings. Now some of you may say that the US has great everything and it is a great place to live WRONG.

The US is a very dirty country, having a very high percentage of homelessness and unemployment …

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