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Is the United States still a superpower? A superpower is a power that is superior or very great.

Yes, the United States is still a superpower under that definition. So many countries depend on the United States for their protection, say, and goods. Without the United States the world would have to depend on countries like China, England, and France that go through a lot of political disruption. Many countries will not go into war unless they have the backing of the United States, because they know that if they do go into war and the United States is not on their side that they might end up fighting the United States in the war and lose terribly. The United States has the strongest military and a lot of technology that is very useful to the rest of the world. The United States is the key to the world's economy. The United States does not need to import goods from other countries because if it was necessary the United States could just depend on what is in the country. Such as the oil situation, we could drill in Alaska instead getting our oil from the Middle East.

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We import so many goods that we dish out a lot of money that helps support other countries. Dealing with the money situation, the United States tries to help undeveloped countries buy loaning them money or sometimes just giving them money to get them on their feet. We put out so much money to other parts of the world that if we did not they would just collapse. In conclusion, the United States is still a superpower because the world needs us to be.

If we weren't a superpower, the rest of the world would just be chaos. …

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